The owner of this BMW X6 decided to decorate his car in a very strange way

The owner of this BMW X6 decided to decorate his car in a very strange way

June 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Compared to this example of the BMW X6 crossover, the production version of the coupe-like car from Bavaria looks (almost) beautiful. The car was captured somewhere in the UK.

The BMW X6 has never been considered a particularly beautiful car, and this particular X6 is uglier than most. In fact, this car could very well be the worst X6 on earth.

This X6 was recently photographed somewhere in the UK and was posted on Reddit. As you can imagine, the users of this resource did not restrain themselves in their criticism of this crossover, suggesting that the owner probably got drunk and tried to make a time machine.

All kinds of different things “decorate” the exterior of the BMW.

For example, on the roof, you might notice a couple of CCTV cameras, and there are some quirky chrome details on the rear trunk lid. There are also some strange icons and stickers on the back, including a warning tape. Elsewhere, there is a chrome-finished cylindrical object that is attached to the bumper. In addition, the X6 has been fitted with huge chrome tailpipes that protrude at least 8 centimeters from the bumper.

The weirdness continues on the sides of the X6, where you’ll notice black wheels with red accents. Black plastic covers were also placed on standard door handles, and various silver and gold accents were applied to the doors. There is even an additional mirror attached to the driver’s side mirror.

It’s impossible to say with certainty what looks the owner of this BMW X6 was trying to achieve.

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