The owner of the BMW i3 drove 277,000 km on native brakes

The owner of the BMW i3 drove 277,000 km on native brakes

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It turned out that the recovery system of a compact electric car is so effective that the owner has never changed pads or discs for six years. The model was very economical.

One of the main advantages of electric cars is the cost-effectiveness of maintenance. Unlike conventional cars, electric cars such as the BMW i3 do not need oil changes or filters. At least with that frequency. But as it turned out in practice, they also do not need frequent replacement of brake pads and discs. On the BMW i3, the regenerative brakes are so powerful that you can drive a car using only one pedal.

One of the owners of the BMW i3 admitted that since the purchase of the car in 2014, it has never serviced the brakes. During this time, Helmut Neumann from the Titz community in North Rhine-Westphalia traveled 277,000 km.

“In addition to the sheer driving pleasure, the BMW i3 is simply an extremely economical car,” he says. “This applies to both energy consumption and maintenance costs.”