The oldest in the world Porsche Type 64 will be sold at auction

The oldest in the world Porsche Type 64 will be sold at auction

May 14, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The first ever Porsche racing car was built before the start of World War II. The car was prepared for the race Berlin-Rome, which was to be held in September 1939.

The first official car of the German brand Porsche is considered to be the Porsche 356, which came off the assembly line in 1948. However, before this significant date in the history of the company there was another date and another car. This is about the 1939th, when the racing Porsche Type 64 was released, the design of which Ferdinand Porsche personally took up. It was designed for the race Berlin-Rome. The car had to fight for victory in September, having driven almost 1,500 kilometers, but the outbreak of World War II did not allow these plans to materialize.

It is known that in the short period between the 1939th and the 1940th three such Porsches were built, but so far only one copy has been preserved.

 Model Porsche Type 64 received transmission and suspension from the VW Type 1. But its air-cooled engine, the developers managed to force up to 32 hp. Aviation aluminum was chosen for the body panels. The car, which already in August of this year will be put up for auction in the American Montere, has long belonged to the Porsche family. In 1949, it was acquired by Austrian racer Otto Mate. In 1979, the Porsche Type 64 changed its owner again. It is known that the auction organizes the famous auction house Sothebys. The cost of a unique lot has not yet been called. However, experts are already talking about multi-million dollar amounts.