The old woman was bred for 25 thousand dollars. Only a taxi driver saved her

The old woman was bred for 25 thousand dollars. Only a taxi driver saved her

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

And the following happened – to Rajbir Singh, who works as a taxi driver in Rosville (USA, California), a 92-year-old woman got into the car. Word for word, he talked with the passenger, and she told him that she was going to the bank to withdraw money and pay off the debt at the IRS (tax service).

The taxi driver was surprised: the cash from the state services was out of place there, and decided to find out the details, because in the USA elderly people often become victims of fraudsters. She said that they called from the tax service and asked to urgently pay off the debt. The number remained in the phone’s memory, CNN reports. A taxi driver asked for permission to call back the person who called himself an IRS employee. I called back and asked if the man knew the old lady? He said he did not know, and hung up. Singh suspected something was amiss, but the woman stubbornly intended to go to the bank. The taxi driver called again and “pressed” the man: they say the woman is 92 years old and she is nervous. Then the man hung up again, after which the number was blocked.

The old woman, however, still did not believe in deception. Fortunately, the taxi driver persuaded her to call in at Rosville’s police station to consult with the officer.

A conversation with the officer finally convinced the woman that she was being deceived.

The police were impressed by this story, because Raj was not indifferent to the elderly man and even spent a lot of his time on it. But he could just bring the client where she asked, and not bother with her problem.

“I am an honest guy, and these are old people. They need help, ”the taxi driver later told CNN.

Rosville police dedicated a taxi post to Facebook, noting that Singh acted as a real citizen and deserves a reward.

A taxi driver took her grandmother home, her bank account was not injured, and a week after this incident he was called to the police station and handed a gift voucher for $ 50.