The old VW Golf received 1600 hp

The old VW Golf received 1600 hp

July 28, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

If you think that there is nothing more to surprise you in the automotive world, then you are very wrong. What about the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which uses two engines with a total horsepower of 1600 hp?

We want to note that the high-performance version of the German hatchback Volkswagen Golf GTI is very popular among enthusiasts who want to disperse their car to an unprecedented scale. For many years we’ve seen quite crazy tuning projects that are based on this car. All-wheel drive versions of GTI, forced engines, wide aerodynamic body kit – all this already was and even more than once.

Nevertheless, this car has managed not only to surprise us, but to hit straight to the bottom of our hearts. The green monster, which basically got everything we’ve just listed, is the culmination of all the tuning projects of the Volkswagen Golf GTI.

What are only the VR6 powertrains with turbo charging? No no, we were not mistaken, this car has two turbocharged VR6 engines – one is in front, and the other is located in the trunk. According to the representatives of the tuning studio, which built this incredible hatchback, the total power of these motors is 1,600 horsepower. They are controlled by a pair of reducers, which can work separately or together with each other.

As was to be expected, the 2-motor all-wheel drive GTI with a capacity of 1600 hp has impressive dynamic characteristics. This video shows how the car easily accelerated to 295.7 km/h, breaking the distance of only 0.8 km. According to the owner of this monster, such dispersal was quite terrible. In one of the arrivals, the car lost one detail on the track – later it turned out that the gearbox had failed in the car.

Finally, we note that an essentially modernized version of the charged German hatchback with 2 engines is still under development. And you can not doubt that this is the coolest tuning project of the Volkswagen Golf GTI.