The next Toyota Mirai will become more practical

The next Toyota Mirai will become more practical

June 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Good looks will be joined by more passenger space.

The current Mirai, Toyota’s first commercially successful hydrogen car, is not the prettiest model in the car market. However, in the future, it will acquire a stunning appearance, and will also share the platform with the Lexus LC 500, which means the appearance of an improved rear-wheel drive system. In addition, Mirai will now be available in five places instead of four.

According to Japanese media reports, the newest car Toyota Mirai range will be increased from 650 to 840 km. The electric motor should develop power up to about 152 horsepower, and a 12.3-inch display of the infotainment system will be installed in the cabin. A range of Toyota Sense advanced safety aids will also be available.

Thanks to an elongated wheelbase that stretches from 2,779 to 2,918 mm, Toyota Mirai will not only be able to accommodate more people at the rear, but also provide them with more legroom. Whether these changes will be enough to persuade buyers to the side of the car with an alternative engine or Mirai will again become a sales failure, time will tell, but it would be great if this car would become as successful as the Prius.

There is no doubt that Mirai has the right “ingredients” to be a successful model, but the infrastructure is much more developed for electric vehicles than for hydrogen ones. If everything goes as Toyota hopes, we can see a shift from electric vehicles that indirectly reduce emissions to a truly environmentally friendly solution. If Mazda believes that the next RX sports car should run with hydrogen, Honda, Hyundai and even BMW promise hydrogen cars, then there may still be hope.