The next Porsche Taycan may become all-carbon

The next Porsche Taycan may become all-carbon

April 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The talent of this young designer can provide him with a very bright future.

From time to time, a concept car appears that strikes us. Something so simple, so beautiful and so suitable for the purpose that we can only think about one thing: how soon can it reach production? Unfortunately, for us, most of the concepts did not appear, perhaps because it does not look as good as the Porsche Taycan.

Unfortunately, the Porsche Exclusive GT is unlikely to be seen on the road in the near future. This is because this is not an ordinary Porsche concept from a design team in Stuttgart, Germany, but because it is an idea from a design student named Ilya Zakharov. This stunning carbon fiber sports car was designed for the MA Thesis project. The main idea of ​​this concept is to create such a vehicle, which will be deliberately acquired as the last car that the customer will ever need.

In this regard, the design turned out to be futuristic, timeless, with the intention of surviving the coming years. From pure braided carbon fiber and with simple, but at the same time classic Porsche replicas, it looks incredible, and you can see the design language of modern models such as the Porsche Taycan. Elements such as daytime running lights with four LEDs and raised front wheel arches are typical of the Porsche design, and the tapered rear hints at the influence of the Porsche 918 Spyder. In addition, retro-modern wheels round off this aerodynamic look.

The interior is also designed to use materials designed for a long service life, without being obsolete. It’s fair to say that this is a damn stylish design that combines Porsche’s designer replicas with a futuristic idea and technology in the form of a rear view camera instead of wing mirrors. Although there is no hint of a power plant, it is logical to assume that an electric motor is ideal for a four-seater concept. Who knows, maybe someone at Porsche will appreciate it, and maybe this will be the next Taycan.