The next Mini could be a big SUV

The next Mini could be a big SUV

June 1, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This news will definitely surprise the most dedicated Mini fans.

Over the past few years, the Mini has made a vital discovery for itself: its cars do not have to be “mini” in order to be successful. A case in point is the newly introduced restyling of the second generation Mini Countryman. As the largest Mini in brand history, Countryman has established itself as a successful selling model in any market. In the US, the Mini Cooper is still superior to Countryman, but not by much. Overall, Countryman accounts for over 30% of brand sales.

Having a small crossover turned out to be very beneficial for the Mini, and the question arises as to whether additional larger larger Mini models are planned. In his conversation with foreign publications, project manager Oliver Heilmer firmly stated that this was indeed so.

“This is a question that we always ask ourselves at Mini. We are trying to find the boundaries that we have. I believe that Mini means smart solutions, wise use of space, and these two standards do not say anything about a specific size. Countryman works pretty well in terms of size, but in other markets such as China and the US, expectations are different. In short, there are no restrictions for us. But he has to stay and feel like a Mini, regardless of size, ”added Heilmer.

In all likelihood, Heilmer quietly hinted that a larger Mini-SUV was in development. If so, it is not known whether it will be limited to only those two markets. One thing is certain: the Mini already has a platform for such a car. BMW UKL2’s modular architecture supports not only the current Countryman, but also the BMW X2 and the new BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. Although it is a front-wheel drive platform, it can be easily adapted for all-wheel drive and stretched if necessary.

At the moment, the Mini has not made an official statement, but if the plan to create a larger SUV still finds its continuation, then some long-time followers of the brand who dream of a smaller, simpler hatchback will not be very happy.