The next Bugatti model will not become an SUV

The next Bugatti model will not become an SUV

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It’s no secret that Bugatti is seriously considering expanding its lineup.

The French automaker is currently looking for profitable financing to develop a car that is significantly different from Chiron and all its derivatives.

Most likely, it will not be a super limousine. Why? There is simply not enough demand for traditional limousines. Bugatti is considering the idea of ​​creating a four-door all-terrain vehicle, which is not a traditional SUV. Or, as CAR magazine put it, “a sports crossover with a higher landing than a sedan, with a body lower and less square than a traditional SUV.”

However, we know for sure that the new Bugatti will be at least quite expensive. Stefan Winkelmann admitted that the company aims at a starting price of about $ 1 million. Although this figure is likely to put the high-end Bugatti in first place in its class, it will not be more expensive or extreme than the Chiron.

“The new car will be the largest and most expensive car in its sector,” Winkelmann commented. “But it will not be the most expensive or extreme Bugatti. Chiron will always be on top. ”

Bugatti will attempt to launch the model in 2023 with annual production limited to about 800 units.