The new world pit stop record was 1.82 seconds

The new world pit stop record was 1.82 seconds

November 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The crew of Red Bull broke their own world record for the fastest pit stop.

This is the third time they have set a record this season. The team at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing is apparently drinking Red Bull. Last weekend at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2019, the Red Bull pit team broke its previous world record for pit stop time – 1.88 seconds. Their new time, set to 21 out of 71 laps, was 1.82 seconds when race winner Max Verstappen stopped to exchange his tires.

In a sport that lasts up to thousandths of a second, fast pit stops are key in the overall strategy of the rider. One extra second at the pit stop can mean the difference between staying in first place or falling to second.

In the era of ultra-fast pit stops, this may well be the last world record. In the 2021 season, wheel and tire installation will become increasingly difficult as F1 rules increase wheel diameter to 18 inches. Red Bull wins the time set by the crew at the German Grand Prix earlier this season, and this latest record is the third record for Red Bull since the British Grand Prix when they set their first world record in 1.91 seconds. This Red Bull team is exactly the same as the machine they are working on: fast, efficient, and it’s really fun to watch.

For reference, the average pit stop will take about 2.4 seconds. The reason why Formula 1 pit stops are so fast is the combination of human talent and ultrafast tools. Most pit stops require only four tires to be replaced.