The new Volkswagen Transporter will be noticeably more compact

The new Volkswagen Transporter will be noticeably more compact

November 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Smaller versions of the popular German model will carry the T7 index. There is less information about the new product than we would like, but the manufacturer has already hinted that its platform will differ from the usual Transporter.

Next year, Volkswagen is going to bring to the market a new generation of Transporter model under the T7 index, the main feature of which will be reduced dimensions. The German edition of Autobild spoke about a curious novelty from VW. So, it is known that Transporter T7 will be built on the MQB passenger platform. This platform is not at all suitable for commercial use.

Keeping this in mind, experts suggested that the standard Transporter will continue its conveyor life, and its smaller version will have a completely different purpose and will occupy a new niche. For example, the one that includes the Sharan minivan.

 The fact that the new Transporter has become much more compact than its predecessor is clearly confirmed by spy photos of the camouflaged novelty. Recall that the current Volkswagen Transporter carry the T6 index, which replaced the 2003 generation of the T5 model during the evolution of the model. This year, Transporter T6 has been updated and is now labeled T6.1.