The new Volkswagen ID 3 R will appear by 2024

The new Volkswagen ID 3 R will appear by 2024

June 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The German company is preparing to release its first “charged” electric car.

Volkswagen executives are close to signing plans for a hot R-version of the ID 3 electric hatchback, and according to some sources, the novelty will appear in 2024.

The electric hatch is the brainchild of the German division of R Performance. It aims to strengthen the link between the successful record-breaking ID R prototype and the new Volkswagen passenger car range.

Volkswagen Development Manager Frank Welch said the ID 3 R is “what we’re looking at. I like the idea, but we must decide whether the market is ready to accept such a model. ”

According to Welch, the R model will be at the top of the ID 3 line and may be the only option with pure performance. The planned new Volkswagen with the electric characteristics of the GTX will not be based on ID 3, since it is designed for cars with twin-engine all-wheel drive. “Charged” hatch will be offered only with rear-wheel drive with one engine.

“ID 3 can accept all-wheel drive, although it is unlikely to get it during the first generation,” Welch told Autocar. “There will be no GTX variant, but we still have to decide on the R variant with rear-wheel drive.” Welsh said last year that such a machine would “need a powerful engine and four-wheel drive.”

The most powerful version of the ID 3 offers 201 hp, although the planned R model is expected to have at least 300 hp. However, the performance needed for the ID 3 R could be made possible by the likely evolution of EV technology by 2024.

Head of R Performance Division Yost Capito recently said that he is working with Volkswagen motorsport to see which battery technology used in the ID R can be applied to road cars.

Work is also ongoing on the small ID Entry, which will be called ID 1. Being the successor to the Volkswagen e-Up, Seat Mii Electric and Skoda Citigo-e iV, it should go into production by 2023.

In addition, a serial version of the secret ID Ruggdzz is under development, but without official confirmation. It is believed that he will compete with the Mercedes-Benz EQB and has tough stylistic tips. Sources suggest that the ID Ruggdzz model will have a twin-engine all-wheel drive transmission and will appear in 2023.