The new version of the VW Multivan T7 minivan is almost ready for presentation

The new version of the VW Multivan T7 minivan is almost ready for presentation

February 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Some publications published “spy” photos from the tests of the updated German VW Multivan T7. The car is waiting for a pretty big change. The date of presentation of the novelty is still unknown.

This was about a year ago when the special division of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which is engaged in the creation of commercial vehicles, introduced the Multivan T6.1 van. Just a few short months later, German VW engineers began testing prototypes of the all-new T7, which even managed to get production bodies.
There is still a lot of camouflage on the square car, but we can immediately notice that there is a tiny glass section in the front pillar to improve the view from the passenger compartment.

The headlights look like new and are likely to become fully LED, while the vertical taillights of the modern Multivan have given way to horizontally placed counterparts that also appear to be fully LED.

We have a feeling that there are more changes than it seems at first glance, but camouflage does its job – we cannot see all the changes. For example, a false radiator grille is unlikely to be as simple as on the prototype seen, with its visible horizontal bar. Well, the windshield seems more stylish on the T7.

 The reports say that the new product will be built on the basis of the modular platform MQB. Although this is not immediately noticeable, it is believed that the T7 will be about 6 centimeters lower than today’s model – this is done to facilitate entry and exit from the car. The novelty will also benefit from improved aerodynamics thanks to a revised body structure.