The new Toyota Yaris GR will receive all-wheel drive

The new Toyota Yaris GR will receive all-wheel drive

November 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Toyota shows teaser of new Toyota Yaris GR.

The new teaser allows you to get the first official presentation of the upcoming Toyota GR Yaris Prototype in anticipation of the first appearance on Rally Australia on November 17. The name GR-4 in the photograph may indicate a model with all-wheel drive.

Earlier spy photos show Yaris’ tests on the GRMN camouflage model, hinting that this may be the same model that Toyota is teasing. This car received sports, bronze wheels and seems to be riding lower than the base model of the new Yaris.

Unfortunately, the transmission data for the new Yaris GR remains unknown. The base model is available with 1.0- and 1.5-liter three-cylinder engines in addition to the hybrid version of the larger mill. In addition to indicating that Yaris received four-wheel drive, the name GR-4 may indicate that this model received a four-cylinder engine instead of the usual three-cylinder mills. More power would be better suited to the sporting intentions of the model.

Toyota already confirms that there are several options for the new Yaris along the way. Rumors suggest that the sports model will give customers the opportunity to choose between three versions. The mildly warm GR Sport, the hotter GRMN and the new model inspired by Yaris participating in the World Rally Championship. It’s not clear which of these options Toyota is teasing about here, but the connection with Rally Australia to open the GR-4 leaves us intrigued.

If anyone in America reads these rumors and is excited about the prospect of buying a pint-sized hot hatch, that’s bad news. Yaris, available in Europe, is now different from what is sold in the United States. The US version is very closely related to the Mazda2, and not on the Toyota TGNA platform.