The new Toyota Supra will become even more powerful

The new Toyota Supra will become even more powerful

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese sports car should go on sale in the summer.

As part of Toyota’s press briefing for the press, the Japanese brand’s management provided a lot of information, including details about how it is going to update the model every year, about the company’s ongoing relationship with BMW and about when we should expect updated Supra 2021 models to appear years that will become a hit dealerships.

Jack Hollis, vice president of Toyota Group and GM, has expanded our knowledge of new Supra versions and upcoming changes. The goal is to support sales through model lifecycle management. It is noted that thanks to this, the company will be able to maintain a clearer line compared to the trend of the segment. Toyota reportedly sold around 2,900 Supra units in 2019.

Also at the conference, the company talked about relations with the Bavarian brand BMW. It is noted that brands constantly “exchange opinions and information”, but gradually brands diverge in different directions.

    “Toyota is still fully responsible for tuning and tuning the chassis of this car. We have a team of engineers based in Munich who work side by side with the BMW guys, ”says Ben Hauschalter, Toyota’s Senior Product Planning Manager.

Toyota marketing manager Nick Miller, in turn, said that the coronavirus had affected Toyota’s plans and the new car was delayed. Before the plant was closed due to COVID-19, the brand managed to build 400 copies, which will go on sale in June this year.

However, the version with a four-cylinder more powerful engine has not yet managed to get on the conveyor. Production of the model will be launched in July, and the car will go on sale only in the fall.