The new Tesla battery will increase the range to 640 km

The new Tesla battery will increase the range to 640 km

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla’s next achievement should help cope with the prejudice that many car owners have regarding electric cars and their limited range.

During the last meeting with shareholders, the head of the company, Ilon Musk, said that soon Tesla electric cars could travel up to 640 km without recharging. Then the mileage of the most “long-range” version of Model S reached 600 km. Since then, Tesla has already increased the range of this electric car to 628 km and named it Model S Long Range Plus.

Now it has become known that the company is preparing for an even larger upgrade, which should increase the range of not only Model S, but also other models of the company’s electric vehicles, says Electrek. Jason Hughes, a well-known auto mechanic blogger, delved into the latest updates to the Tesla battery management system and found that the company was working on a new battery configuration.

According to him, Tesla engineers are developing a new configuration with groups of 108 cells for a 450-volt battery with an energy consumption of about 109 kW * h. Such a battery installed in the Model S should be enough for 640 km, which Musk spoke about last month.

As it became known the other day, Tesla is in talks with the Chinese company CATL, a developer of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries. If successful, the rejection of expensive cobalt in batteries will significantly reduce the cost of batteries.