The new SUV from MG will receive a platform from the Maxus D90

The new SUV from MG will receive a platform from the Maxus D90

June 2, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Experts call this model a competitor of the Japanese Toyota Fortuner SUV. The novelty will appear on the market only in the 2020th.

The British company MG is preparing the premiere of its new large frame SUV, which will receive a platform from another flagship SUV – Maxus D90. Recall brands MG and Maxus belong concern SAIC. It is planned that the full-size SUV from MG will enter the market in the coming year and will compete with Toyota Fortuner.

Sales of the three-row Maxus D90 began two years ago. The car was offered with five, six and seven-seat interior layout. In the movement of an SUV lead two-liter turbo engine with a power of 224 hp or a 218-horsepower diesel of the same volume. A pair of them make up a manual or 6AKPP. The drive can be either rear or full. From the options Maxus D90 gets a three-zone climate control, front seats with ventilation and heating, a button to start the engine, multimedia with a large touchscreen, a circular camera review and much more.

It is expected that the same motor range and the list of available options will receive a new “frame” from MG. And all the differences between these two SUVs will be reduced to a different design of the exterior and interior.

The debut for the MG SUV will be the car market in India. According to preliminary information, the cost of new items here starts with a mark of 3 million rupees. For comparison, for the most affordable Toyota Fortuner in the Indian auto show will have to leave 2,783,000 rupees