The new standard of training in driving schools – only automatic gearbox

The new standard of training in driving schools – only automatic gearbox

August 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

They intend to introduce such a norm in Germany, but there are many opponents.

The share of automatic transmissions in new cars is growing steadily. Electric and hydrogen cars are also practically not equipped with mechanics. In addition, there are many new driver assistance systems that are only offered in conjunction with an automatic transmission. In this regard, the German Department of Transportation plans to change the rules of the driving test. Automatic transmissions should become the standard in training vehicles, reports

It is proposed to train beginners in cars equipped with an automatic transmission, but if a person prefers mechanics for some reason, he will need several additional hours of driving and a fitness test, which will be carried out by a driving instructor in order to be able to drive a car with manual gearbox. But this will already be a departure from the standard program and may require a separate payment.

However, most Germans are against the new standard for training in cars with automatic transmission and they are guided by safety considerations. So, four out of five (79%) of respondents are of the opinion that newcomers without sufficient skill in gear shifting are dangerous on the roads. This was shown by a representative survey commissioned by TÜV among 1010 people over the age of 16. And in TÜV itself against the changes discussed in driving tests. From the point of view of specialists, sufficient training is necessary to drive a car with mechanics, and a few additional lessons will not be enough.