The new Skoda Kodiaq has become an ambulance

The new Skoda Kodiaq has become an ambulance

January 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Southwest Ambulance Service in the UK received 18 Skoda Kodiaq crossovers modified to operate the clinical team.

The mid-size SUV is equipped with typical ambulance livery, flashing beacons and sirens. Inside, additional changes were made when an official Skoda partner removed two additional seats in the trunk and changed the space for a life-saving device, including a built-in combination safe for storing drugs and a fire extinguisher.

Ahead of the dashboard was finalized, a second screen was added on the center console, focused on the driver, which posted information on 999 calls. As a result, the infotainment system was moved to the passenger area and integrated into the dashboard. The car is still equipped with a satellite navigation system, digital radio DAB and SmartLink +, to which communication and other equipment are added.

“We chose Skoda Kodiaq as our operational company car because of the availability of space for the specialist and the technical equipment needed for this group of employees. The car offers the level of safety and comfort that our crews require from existing vehicles. It combines excellent road handling characteristics and sufficient off-road performance for most situations that our operating staff face daily, ”said Robin Gwinnett, training and development manager for ambulance services in Southwest Europe.

Special modifications to Skoda cars usually come with a special package that includes, in addition to mods, crash recovery, maintenance and repair.