The new sedan Volvo S60 has risen on the conveyor

The new sedan Volvo S60 has risen on the conveyor

June 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo launched its first factory in the US. While the enterprise produces test samples of the four-door sedan S60 of a new generation, the serial production of the model starts in the autumn.

The new Volvo Cars factory is located in Charleston, South Carolina. This is the first Swedish brand in the US. Recall, Volvo has three plants in Europe (two – for the production of cars, one for the production of engines), three sites in China, and assembly plants in India and Malaysia. The US company is investing about 1.1 billion dollars, it is planned to create about 4 thousand jobs, and 1,5 thousand employees will be employed by the end of this year. The production capacity of the plant is 150,000 cars per year.

In the States, the production of the new generation Volvo S60 sedan will be set. Judging by the photo provided by the company, the enterprise has already started assembling test samples. Mass production of “four-door” starts in Charleston in the autumn of this year. Since 2021 in the US will begin to produce a crossover XC90 new generation. Cars of American manufacture will supply both to the domestic market and for export.

The new sedan S60 company still hides under the canopy. However, the blanket will be dumped very soon – the official presentation of the model will take place tonight. “Four-door” is built on the platform of SPA, which also underlies the latest Volvo V60 wagon, XC60 cross-country and “ninety” series cars.

It is known that the sedan will be the first for the last forty years model of the brand, which will not receive diesel engines. Gasoline same engines – T5 and T6 – the new S60, most likely, get from a related V60. Also, the four-door sedan can inherit from the station wagon hybrid installations: 340-horsepower T6 Twin Engine AWD and 390-horsepower T8 Twin Engine AWD.