The new Rolls-Royce Ghost will have an innovative interior air purification system

The new Rolls-Royce Ghost will have an innovative interior air purification system

July 15, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A luxury car will be presented this fall. The British company is confident that after the pandemic of the coronavirus, a new system will be in demand.

British manufacturer of premium cars Rolls-Royce in the autumn prepares the premiere of a new car Ghost. In the arsenal of this model will appear a special system for air purification called Micro Environment Purification System (MEPS). Such a system is a proprietary brand. Details about the principle of its action were shared by company representatives.

The system operates in automatic mode – when the maximum permissible concentration of particles in the air appears, the air conditioning system switches to air recirculation – this happens due to its passage through a special filter. The filter has a very dense structure with a fiber diameter of 120 to 150 nanometers instead of 500 nm in the standard version.

Thus, even the smallest harmful particles will not penetrate the interior. Cleaning the entire cabin will take place in just 2 minutes, after which the air conditioner will automatically switch to the previous mode.

Rolls-Royce first introduced the air purification system 5 years ago, after which they constantly worked on its modernization.
Rolls-Royce already promises the ability to control the system remotely through a mobile application – thanks to this it will be possible to prepare the salon in advance.

Earlier it became known that Rolls-Royce is the only luxury car brand whose sales are growing in 2020. Such dynamics is explained by the successful sales of the Cullinan SUV.