The new Renault Megane RS received a racing version with a unique design

The new Renault Megane RS received a racing version with a unique design

April 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The British team Prodrive introduced a racing hatchback for a rally-cross with ultra-light design and a 600-horsepower engine designed from scratch.

The British team Prodrive has introduced a racing hatchback for a rally-cross, built on the basis of the new-generation Renault Megane RS Hot Hatch. The car was created for the GCK RX team, for which its head Guerlain Schysheri and his partner Jerome Gross-Janen performed. The new season of the World Rally Championship starts on April 14 in Barcelona.

The Renault Megane RS racing has an ultra-light design made of high-strength steel and composite materials. Computer design was actively used when creating the car – specially analyzing programs, in particular, helped to develop aerodynamics and optimize the engine cooling system. The team of engineers has considered several possible schemes and combinations of solutions has not yet approved the final design.

For the Renault Megane RS, a special two-liter four-cylinder 600-horsepower engine, working in pairs with a five-speed sequential gearbox, was developed. The British decided not to take the basic hot-hatch motor to “avoid compromises that would have to be addressed in the case of a factory power unit.”

Plus, the engineers have abandoned McPherson’s standard suspension in favor of the front and rear two-wheelers with specially designed Ohlins shock absorbers. Hot-hatch has also received special braking mechanisms with calipers attached to the gearbox in front and to the differential – from behind. This solution allowed to reduce the mass of the wheels.