The new processor for Tesla is 21 times faster than its predecessor

The new processor for Tesla is 21 times faster than its predecessor

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All Tesla electric cars released until recently were equipped with an autopilot system based on the NVIDIA chip. Now the automaker has introduced a new generation of processor-based automatic control system, which turned out to be several times more productive than its predecessor.

The new processor was presented at the Hot Chips conference in California. It is 21 times faster than the previously used solution from NVIDIA. Moreover, the production of such a processor will be much cheaper, since it is designed specifically for the needs and algorithms of an electric vehicle. The developers are assuring a cost reduction of 80%.

Tesla aims to create an autopilot that will not be equal among competitors. At each electric car, which in the future will go off the assembly line of the American company, two such processors will be installed. So the company plans to achieve maximum user safety in case one of the chips incorrectly recognizes the signal from the sensor or camera.

Each chip operates at a frequency of 2 GHz and is able to calculate up to 36 trillion operations per second. 14 months were spent on development. The processor architecture provides for 6 billion transistors.

The processors will work in pairs: if the information received on one of the chips does not coincide with the other, the system initiates a second check. That is, the new versions of Tesla electric cars, in fact, will have two “think tanks”. So the autopilot system will be able to “think” much more carefully, since each decision will be checked twice.