The new premium sedan Lexus IS will not arrive in Europe

The new premium sedan Lexus IS will not arrive in Europe

June 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The first image of a future news hit the Web. Now, however, have become known new details regarding the geography of the distribution of the Japanese sedan.

The appearance of the new Lexus IS sedan, as well as the date of its debut, has already been declassified. Recall that the brand promises to present a restyled model on June 9. Today, news reports revealed that a premium sedan will not be offered in the European Union and neighboring countries. And for good reason. About this writes AutoWeek with reference to the official importer of Lexus in the Netherlands.

The brand’s decision to leave Europeans without a restyled Lexus IS is explained by the fast-growing segment of SUVs and crossovers and declining sales of sedans around the world. So, according to current statistics, about 80% of sales of the Japanese brand in this region in 2019 belonged to SUVs. IS has become one of the least popular models.

Moreover, the brand is already selling its other sedan in Europe – the ES model. The release of another may lower its sales. According to experts, the Lexus IS sedan may move to a new platform, but there was no official confirmation of this. The manufacturer will reveal all the cards next week. Fans of the brand expect to see a sedan with a more aggressive exterior and a luxurious technological interior.