The new Porsche 911 will be presented this fall

The new Porsche 911 will be presented this fall

June 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation sports car will be larger, more powerful and more technologically advanced.

Public premiere of the Porsche 911 eighth generation, developed under the code name 992, will be held at the Auto Show in Los Angeles in November. Sales of new items will start early next year from the rear-wheel drive versions of the entry level – 911 Carrera and 911 Carrera S.

The rest of the 911 family will enter the market during 2019, including a new all-wheel-drive Turbo, which, according to an insider at Porsche’s head office in Stuttgart, will have a capacity of over 600 hp in the top version of S. By the way, we has already published spy photos of the Porsche 911 of the new generation.

Increased power by 20 hp in comparison with the current 911 Turbo S in combination with the modifications of the all-wheel drive transmission and advanced aerodynamics will provide the sports car with improved dynamics in comparison with its predecessor. That is, the new generation of acceleration from zero to the first 100 km/h will take less than 2.9 seconds, and the maximum speed will exceed 330 km / h.

The source also said that the 911, having replaced the generation, will receive a new advanced platform that will become the basis for Audi R3 third generation and successor to Lamborghini Huracan. The developers plan to achieve the curb weight of 1 430 kg, approximately the current weight of 911 Carrera with manual transmission. For this purpose, the construction will use more aluminum, and high-strength steel of the new generation.

The sports car will receive a number of active aerodynamic elements, including blinds in the front air ducts and a new rear spoiler for increasing the downforce. It is reported that the car will be somewhat larger, but exact figures are not disclosed.

In the salon is expected the emergence of a new digital device, sensor control units and advanced infotainment system with a touchscreen. All this will be combined with the most spacious cabin in history.

The engine will be located closer to the center to optimize the weight distribution. It is assumed that the Carrera will become more powerful by approximately 20 hp – up to 390 hp, and the Carrera S will develop 450 hp (+30 hp).

Recall, the Porsche 911 generation 991 was introduced in 2012, at the same time, stable and very good, as for the sports car, was sold. For example, in the European market in 2012, 12,039 cars were sold, in 2015 already 14,386, and last year the sales volume of the 911th was 15,053 units. In the US, these figures were 8,528, 9,858 and 8,970 copies.

By the way, in honor of the completion of the production cycle Porsche 991, and in honor of the 70th anniversary of the brand, the company has prepared an exclusive Porsche 911 Speedster, however, in the status of the concept.