The new Opel Mokka will acquire a unique design

The new Opel Mokka will acquire a unique design

June 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The exact date of the premiere of Opel Mokka has not yet been announced, but the automaker, using designer sketches, is gradually declassifying some details. And today, the network has another image of the new items.

This time, the reason for the announcement was the strange phrase Opel Vizor. With these words, brand designers refer to the design concept of the front of the Mokka, which will then be used on the rest of the new German brand.

By “Visor” it is understood that the radiator grill, head light and company logo are combined into one visual whole. By the way, the corporation called the famous Opel Manta a source of inspiration for this decision.

“Our new Opel Vizor is a distinctive and exclusive element of the brand, it reflects the German tradition in which form follows content. The classic grille no longer matters for electric cars like the Mokka-e. Opel Vizor is an element that combines technical components and also acts as a protective display, ”said Opel chief designer Mark Adams.

At the moment, it is unclear whether the design of the front for the Mokka will change with traditional motors. However, it is already known that Opel will begin to demonstrate the new cross with a completely electric version. The novelty will be built on the architecture of the PSA group. Mokka’s production should start in the fourth quarter of this year, so there are not many left before the final debut.