The new Mini Cooper SE introduced Frankfurt

The new Mini Cooper SE introduced Frankfurt

September 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The brand’s first production electric car, the new Mini Cooper SE, is one of the most exciting new products on display at this year’s Frankfurt booth.

Mini officially unveiled its first electric car – the Mini Cooper SE. The novelty is set in motion by an 181-horsepower electrified unit, which is powered by a 32.6 kW / h lithium-ion battery. The power reserve of the model is from 235 to 270 kilometers.

From zero to hundreds, the Mini Cooper SE can accelerate in 7.3 seconds. The battery is located on the floor for a lower center of gravity. It is noted that the model has “remarkable maneuverability and dynamics in the corners.” Representatives of the Mini also say that having a battery on the floor means that the new Cooper SE has the same spacious interior and luggage compartment as the version with the classic ICE.

The novelty received rich equipment, which included LED headlights, a new digital dashboard, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, a heating system with heat pump technology, autonomous heating and stationary air conditioning, and connected navigation.

The Mini will also offer the new Cooper SE with four equipment packages from launch, ensuring that the company’s customers can tailor their new electric vehicle to their preferences.

The serial production of the new Mini Cooper SE starts in November this year at the brand’s factory in Oxford. According to reports, the Mini received more than 45,000 applications for the first production electric car, which will cost customers from 32,500 euros in Germany and from 27,900 pounds in the UK. The first commercial vehicles will be sent to customers in early 2020.