The new Mini Clubman may turn into an SUV

The new Mini Clubman may turn into an SUV

December 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Mini is considering expanding the next-generation Clubman, turning it into an SUV.

In America, the Mini is losing popularity, as most Americans consider its only Countryman SUV to be too small. The transition to SUVs caused a sharp drop in hatchback sales and a sedan in general, which led to a decrease in their number in dealerships.

Mini chief designer Oliver Heylmer hinted during an interview with Autocar that the next Clubman model could move to the SUV format. Now the 6-door station wagon is slightly shorter and wider than its own “brother”, at the same time, they both occupy the same level of market value. It is still unknown whether Clubman will become larger to distinguish it from Countryman, or whether the latter will grow, providing 2 SUVs of various sizes. In addition, “the price of development is also a problem.”

 “This is not necessarily an internal combustion engine (ICE) that needs space — even an electric car with a smaller motor still needs an emergency box,” continued Halemer, implying a gradually deforming and sturdy structure around the power unit. “Power loss is a more significant issue.”

  Another difficulty is associated with the “electric motor that can continue to work.” This circumstance after an accident, usually not related to engines with internal combustion engines. To do this, Mini is considering a new type of electrically absorbing foam between the front bumper skin and the crash bar, which could potentially reduce the hatchback, which has been heavily criticized for its excessive front overhang, and increase its price.