The new Mercedes GLE Coupe is spotted with minimal camouflage. Coming soon premiere?

The new Mercedes GLE Coupe is spotted with minimal camouflage. Coming soon premiere?

August 26, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Seen during the last test races, the prototype of the completely new Mercedes GLE Coupe received a minimum amount of camouflage. The car was spotted on the streets of Germany. The official presentation of the new items may take place very soon – as an option at the Frankfurt Motor Show (September of this year).

If so, then in the coming days, the press service of the German brand may publish all the information about the new version of the coupe-shaped crossover. By the way, the main competitor to the new Mercedes GLE Coupe, the updated BMW X6, will also be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, as well as the coupe-like version of the Porsche Cayenne crossover.

Although we do not have a clear idea of ​​what will happen to the front of the captured news, we really do not need it, because the design must exactly match the exterior of the regular GLE presented at the Paris Motor Show last year. As for the side profile, it remained essentially the same as in the current version of the GLE Coupe – admittedly, it looks a little more elegant.

The biggest changes will come from behind. At the moment, it’s impossible to say exactly what will change in the design of this part of the car, but the changes will definitely be … there should be.

Judging by the two hefty tailpipes of the exhaust system, we are looking at a more powerful version of AMG, but this is definitely not the version of the car with the index 53 or 63, since they have four pipes installed.

We expect that the interior of the new model year 2020 will be completely transferred from the usual GLE crossover, although Mercedes can still “revive” the interior a bit. Like the usual GLE, a more stylish coupe-like version of the crossover is likely to get an electrified version of the “580” with a hybrid engine built on the basis of the gasoline V8.