The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will follow Tesla’s footsteps: electric motors and a large tablet

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class will follow Tesla’s footsteps: electric motors and a large tablet

February 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Photospies managed to look into the interior of the prototype of the new flagship sedan Mercedes-Benz and capture the revolutionary instrument panel for the brand. The official debut of the S-Class generation W223 is expected in 2020.

Tesla Model S is available for the eighth year, but continues to inspire engineers from competing firms around the world. Chinese automakers are most adept at copying Tesla: a giant tablet on the center console “like the Model S” now stands in almost every other new Chinese car, but who would have thought that Daimler itself would start supplying its cars with such “TVs “!

The British magazine Autocar has published several spy shots of the new S-Class. The camouflaged exterior promises no revolutions, but in the interior of the flagship sedan, fans of the Mercedes-Benz brand expect a surprise, and not a pleasant fact. The center console is made in the form of a large, heavily littered forward tablet with a diagonal of at least 15 inches, on the lower perimeter of which there are several “hot” touch buttons and one physical button “emergency gang”. The instrument panel, of course, is also virtual, but how the two televisions will eventually fit into the front panel is not clear, because the pictures show the salon in a semi-disassembled state and covered with a rag.

The S-class debut of the new generation with a factory W223 index is expected next year – therefore, its design and layout have already been approved, so that future drivers and owners of this car can begin to prepare themselves mentally today. It is clear that not everyone will like this new-fashioned gadget, but there is nowhere to go – this is the general trend of the global automotive industry: TVs are ultimately more versatile and cheaper than traditional instruments, handles and buttons, they can be rearranged from one model to another and save on the salary of designers. For example, the interiors of the new BMW and Volvo models resemble each other to a degree of confusion, and so, probably, all brands, including Mercedes-Benz, will soon have, and the new S-Class will only set the tone for the decade ahead.

British colleagues report that the W223 generation sedan will be offered exclusively in long-wheelbase performance, not counting, of course, the stand-alone Mercedes-Maybach luxury limousines and the EQ S electric car, which is scheduled to debut in 2022. The electric flagship sedan will be built on its own modular MEA platform and will be able to drive about 500 km on a single charge. Two electric motors (one for each axle) at the base version will produce a total power of 400 hp, and in the AMG version – 600 hp.

As to the traditional S-class, all its modifications will also be electrified to one degree or another, and the plug-in hybrid version will be able to travel up to 100 km in a exhaust-free mode.