The new Mercedes-AMG E63 is again seen at the Nurburgring

The new Mercedes-AMG E63 is again seen at the Nurburgring

April 28, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The official premiere of the model can happen at any time.

At the moment, the anticipation of Mercedes-AMG fans on the updated E63 seems a bit pedantic. The updated E53 was revealed in early March. The hotter E63 will have some minor differences to establish its dominant position as the top-range model in the E-class hierarchy, but we have already noticed some of these changes in the leaked photos. So yes, now there is nothing left but to hold an official ceremony.

What we have not seen – and in this case heard – is that the updated E63 gets the right sound. A new video from Stateside Supercars reveals that the muscular sports sedan is still a true AMG product, with incredibly little drama and a great growl V8 engine.

The two-minute clip captures the same prototype that we saw earlier this month, only now we can see how good the super-sedan is in motion.

Test pilot, despite its some accuracy, is spectacularly passes the track. The sound of the 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 and impressively fast up-shift is heard in the video. If this prototype is not final, it is at least close to it.

As for the remaining camouflage, the E63 will have a front panel with slightly enlarged corner air vents that bend down toward the center of the car, giving it a more formidable “face”. Although the video shows camouflage on the back of this prototype, it was previously declassified and will receive square tailpipes for the exhaust system.

According to experts, the new E63 sedan of 2021 will be presented at the end of April. So this is almost certainly the last time we see a hot, muscular camouflage sedan.