The new Kia Sorento will have an innovative feature

The new Kia Sorento will have an innovative feature

May 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new Kia Sorento will be awarded the feature that so far only expensive cars have – parking controlled from a key fob.

The option is indispensable in dense perpendicular parking, when there is simply no place to open the door. But being outside, Sorento can be directed either strictly forward or backward, so that the car owner will still need maneuvering skills in a cramped space to correctly orient the vehicle.

Other new equipment that will please future Sorento drivers is automatic locking of the rear doors when a pedestrian passes nearby or a cyclist sweeps in; preventing an unexpected start at the intersection if a different car approaches it when cornering with the oncoming lane, the Sorento will also have the usual systems of emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, and automatic lane keeping. In the standard version, the Sorento will be equipped with 8 airbags, including a driver’s knee protector and mounted between the front seats, protecting the driver and passenger from contact when hitting the side of the car.

On sale in the domestic Korean car market, Sorento will appear in June-July. The first will be offered crossovers with 2.2 liter diesel engines. (200 hp, 440 Nm) in tandem with a new 8-speed gearbox with two wet clutches.