The new Kia Sorento was first filmed

The new Kia Sorento was first filmed

August 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Korean automaker clearly does not want people to know what kind of car it is.

Photo spies managed to catch the mysterious test mule Kia, slowly riding along the side of the road. For tight camouflage it’s so hard to tell right away that we have before us the new Mohave, Sorento or some other brand model. Judging by the earlier spy shots of the new Sorento, we believe that the crossover is also the star of this video.

Kia carefully covered the test car with camouflage camouflage, fabric covers and fake body panels. The elongated rear makes identifying the model particularly difficult.

As further evidence, the test mulch moves with Telluride, and it does not appear that the two models are the same, especially at the back. The flagship has large taillights with lamp-shaped brackets. The second model, on the contrary, has smaller, more square elements.

Apparently, the new Sorento will become something like Telluride, only smaller. If so, expect the dashboard to have a large infotainment screen and a central stack with metal trim.

The engine range is a complete mystery to us. However, the Korean automaker will clearly release a hybrid and Plugin-Hybrid version. The new Sorento will be the model year 2021 car, which suggests a debut next year.