The new Kia Optima will not come to Europe

The new Kia Optima will not come to Europe

May 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

With the departure of the current Kia Optima, a new generation of model will not enter the European market.

Kia Optima will not return to Europe. This was announced by Emilio Herrera, chief operating officer of Kia Europe. According to the executive, KIA no longer sees the point in the all-new Kia K5, the successor to a car that was sold in the EU as Optima.

Herrera said that the Korean company has explored the possibilities of the new K5 / Optima on the continent, and saw too little market share for the model: only the Polish and Swedish markets still look quite rosy, but this is not enough. Optima is also no longer desirable due to the highly competitive German middle class.

Accordingly, the appearance of the model in the station wagon is also not worth talking about. The new Optima Sportwagon was created on the basis of the previous generation specifically for the European car market.