The new Kia broke right away at the dealership

The new Kia broke right away at the dealership

June 26, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In India, with only a few days difference, there was another annoying incident with a new car. To celebrate the purchase, the owner “destroyed” his car as soon as he left the car dealership.

In this case, the scenario of the incident is almost one-on-one – a happy buyer gets into the car, leaves the passenger compartment, after which, from the excitement, he strongly clamps the gas, loses control and crashes the car. But only if in the incident that happened last week, the protagonist was the VW Polo hatchback, then this is the Kia Carnival minivan.

Judging by the published video of the incident, the owner took only two seconds to damage the new Kia (but Volkswagen was turned into a cue ball in 10 seconds).

As for the damage, it turned out to be quite serious – in addition to the “dented” front part, the “Korean” also deployed airbags. But the driver, fortunately, was not injured.