The new Jaguar F-Type will become a mid-engine electric car

The new Jaguar F-Type will become a mid-engine electric car

September 23, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

British automaker could revive C-X75 concept for future rival Porsche 911.

Designers and engineers of the brand are considering key decisions in the development of the next-generation Porsche 911 competitor, the main of which is whether to stick to the current layout with the front and middle engine or reinvent it as an electrified or even purely electric model with a power plant installed in the middle . Moreover, the company is inclined to the latter.

In a recent interview with Autocar, former design director Ian Callum said he developed a plan for the next generation of sports cars in collaboration with his successor, Julian Thomson.

“Jaguar still has a formula for a front and middle engine car. I have a preference for mid-engined cars. This, of course, is what I would like to see, ”said the former top manager.

It is assumed that Jaguar has developed at least two design approaches: one in the electric / mid-engined format and the other with a longer hood to accommodate front combustion engines.

 “For an electric sports car, we could make a shape similar to the C-X75, with batteries in the shape of T or H in the middle. Or we could make a car with an internal combustion engine located longitudinally. Thus, the style will not dictate the motor, but the engine can dictate the style, ”added Callum.

The current F-Type will be sold for another three years with a number of updates to bring it in line with new competitors. But Callum confirmed in April that the development cycle for his successor should begin “in the near future.” One of the many stumbling blocks in the development of the new sports car is the platform itself, which – if it had been designed from scratch and made to order for the model – would have required a lot of money and resources from the Jaguar Land Rover. The company has lost £ 395 million in the last fiscal quarter and hopes models such as the updated Jaguar XE, the new Range Rover Evoque, and the thoroughly revised Land Rover Discovery Sport can offset significant recent investment and downturn in China.