The new generation of Opel Corsa will receive an electric motor

The new generation of Opel Corsa will receive an electric motor

November 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new generation Vauxhall Corsa will be fully electric. This was told by the head of the company Stefan Norman, also noting that he is not afraid of any threat from the merger of PSA Group with FCA.

The fifth generation Corsa was introduced recently. It is reported that in addition to electric power plants, the novelty is available with gasoline and diesel alternatives. The head of the brand, Stefan Norman, was asked whether the model could become an SUV instead of a hatchback in the future, the answer to this was: “Absolutely not.”

 “With electrification, class B cars and possibly even class A cars will become more relevant. Next-generation supermini, including Corsa, will be fully electric. I really believe in it, ” – said the top manager.

 In large cities, small compact cars are traditionally in higher demand. Vehicle charging infrastructure is one of the main challenges facing the proliferation of electric vehicles. This is especially true for people living in apartment buildings, whose cars are in street parking.

 “This [merger] will not affect Vauxhall. It can happen in Italy, but in other places it should not have any influence, ” – Norman believes.

 The head of the brand said that the merger could be a long enough process, since the head of the PSA Group, Carlos Tavares, tells his colleagues that after signing the Memorandum of Understanding in December, it may take about another year for everything to become clear.

At the same time, spies have fully unveiled the new Opel Insignia GSi. The “charged” and classic versions came to photographers with virtually no camouflage.