The new Ford Focus RS “lost the race”

The new Ford Focus RS “lost the race”

April 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The stricter European emission standards and Ford’s cost-cutting program are to blame.

Much has been said about the prospects of the new Ford Focus RS, but, according to the latest information, this, apparently, is all over. The bottom line is that Blue Oval will not release the fourth generation of its “charged” hatchback at all. We already knew that the new version of the Ford R, the rival of the Golf R, could only exist with an electrified power plant to meet more stringent European standards, but this is easier said than done.

According to sources at Ford, the automaker excluded the Focus RS Mk4 due to a too-tight average emission target in the European Union. It is worth noting that for the same reason, Ford deprived the Europeans of the Ka + mini-car.

Although there were rumors of a Focus RS with an electric rear axle and more than 400 horsepower, it seems that Ford eventually abandoned it. A couple of months ago it became known that only a more environmentally friendly engine could save the RS, but now we hear that this will not happen. The report mentions that it would be too expensive to create such a power plant, since this contradicts the plan to reduce the company’s costs in Europe.

Recall that in June 2019, the European division of Ford announced an updated business plan. It envisaged a reduction in the number of plants from 24 to 18 by the end of 2020, as well as a reduction in the number of workers in the Old Continent by about 20%. In addition, the company planned to get rid of some slow-selling cars, including the C-Max minivans, Grand C-Max and the aforementioned Ka +. The new Focus RS simply does not fit into this cost-cutting scheme, as it will not be able to be sold in large quantities.

Between there, the Focus ST variant is expected in Europe with a choice between a hatchback and a station wagon, a manual and automatic transmission, and also between a gasoline or diesel engine. This is better than not having a fast Focus at all, which, unfortunately, has long been observed in the US market.