The new engine Mazda SkyActiv-X will not be expensive to maintain

The new engine Mazda SkyActiv-X will not be expensive to maintain

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

According to representatives of the Japanese company, the new engine of the SkyActiv-X family will not cause problems for customers. Its maintenance will not be more expensive than a regular gasoline engine.

Customers of the Japanese brand are worried that the new engine of the SkyActiv-X family will cost more to maintain. In an interview with the foreign edition of Cars Guide, Eiji Nakai, an expert on Mazda engines, said that the new engine would not require more maintenance or repair costs compared to a traditional gasoline engine.

According to Mr. Nakai, Mazda has been working for a long time to ensure that the SkyActiv-X engine was in operation as a normal engine.

The new 2.0-liter four-cylinder Mazda SkyActiv-X engine combines the spark ignition used in most gasoline-powered cars and the compression ignition found in diesel engines to increase efficiency and power. However, combining the two technologies has increased the complexity of the motor. The new ignition process is confusing as Mazda adds pressure sensors to each cylinder to send data to the engine computer. Mazda research engineer Jay Chen said: “Now our engine control processors are fast enough to control this event after event.”

The new ignition process, which Mazda calls the “spark-controlled compression ignition” (SPCCI), puts a greater strain on the internal parts of the engine than your standard gasoline engine, so Mazda has increased their power. As a result, SkyActiv-X does not share parts with the Mazda SkyActiv-G engine. Engineers also noted that the engine assembly was more expensive.

It seems that most of the complexity of the engine is associated not with the hardware, but with the software and sensors needed to control the ignition. New technologies often harass consumers for good reasons. Reliability, as well as maintenance and repair costs are important factors to consider when buying a new car, and untested technology can lead to significant financial consequences for owners. According to company representatives, the SkyActiv-X engine should not cause such concern.