The new electric crossover VW will appear in 2023

The new electric crossover VW will appear in 2023

February 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The new square crossover of the German brand is currently known as Ruggdzz. Its official presentation is due to take place in 2023. The model is described as a square crossover in every sense.

Messages about the appearance of the Volkswagen square crossover have been circulating on the Internet for more than a year – the first rumors about the new product appeared at the end of December 2018. Now more and more information appears that the model is approved as a new member of the VW ID electrical family. It is reported that the electric car in question is now known as Ruggdzz and will be introduced in 2023.
The electric novelty is currently under preliminary development, so much can change by the time of its official debut.

 According to information from our insiders, VW is developing two versions of the Ruggdzz crossover – one 4.6 meters long and five seats, and the other with a three-row interior layout. The latest version of the car is likely to be designed primarily for the Chinese market.

Those who managed to see with their own eyes the early prototype of the novelty describe the shape of a fully electric crossover as a square profile with a very, very wide grille, rectangular headlights, an almost horizontal hood, a vertical windshield, an almost flat roof line. Those same people separately note the fact that the new product will be radically different from the future ID.4 electro-crossover. (photo of the prototype below), in particular due to a special C-pillar with a glass panel, due to which the crossover looks translucent.

 It is expected that the new Ruggdzz, built on the MEB platform, will receive a full drive layout thanks to two electric motors – one for each axis. More versions of the electric crossover may be introduced, including an off-road version with generous ride height mounted on the roof with additional lighting.