The new electric car Formula E can accelerate over 300 km/h

The new electric car Formula E can accelerate over 300 km/h

February 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The maximum speed of the electric car of Formula E of the new generation will be able to exceed 300 km per hour. About this publication Motorsport told the pilot of the championship Lucas di Grassi.

The output of the electric car’s engine will be 250 kW (340 hp), which is 50 kW (67 hp) more than the current generation of the car’s motor. The maximum speed of the novelty is more than 300 km / h, whereas the previous car can accelerate only to 225 km per hour. “In the current configuration on a long straight the car in general without problems is able to surpass the speed limit of 300 km / h. Due to the increased power of the electric car it has become much more difficult to manage, ” – explained Grassi.

The Formula E electric car of the new generation was introduced at the end of January, and its public premiere will take place in early March at the Geneva Motor Show. The car will use battery kits from the company McLaren Applied Technologies, which will be able to feed electric motors throughout the race. They will replace the current batteries at 28 kWh, requiring replacement every 20-30 minutes.

Earlier it was reported that over the next few years, the championship of electric sport cars will join a number of major automakers. So, factory teams for participation in Formula E are going to create companies Nissan, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche.