The new Duster became a delivery van

The new Duster became a delivery van

May 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Dacia in the portfolio has a van – Dokker, however, under the brand Renault. Probably, in some markets, entrepreneurs need all-wheel drive vans. The Romanian brand introduced the Dacia Duster Fiskal model in Austria. Note that the previous generation SUV had a similar model.

The version of Fiskal differs from the usual Duster steel mesh partition behind the front seats, the fixing of which was replaced by the ceiling handles. The rear row of seats is dismantled, and the liberated area is integrated with the trunk in the cargo bay with a flat floor of 1 640 mm. The load can be attached using four loops on the floor.

Instead of the rear windows, “stubs” are installed, but standard interior panels are used for unification with the conventional Duster, and still there are left rear door handles and luggage rack mountings.

The composition of the Dacia Duster Fiskal power scale is identical to the standard version of the model. True, the cost of a van for 1,730 euros is more expensive, because the conversion of cars is not performed on the conveyor belt, but it is still necessary to get the TÜV certificate and other documents.

Price list Duster in Austria starts from 11 990 euros, but the all-wheel drive car will cost a minimum of 17 990 euros. True, the tax rate on the van is less than the crossover, so the higher price tag should pay off in the process of operation.

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