The new BMW X5 drove along the Monza track recreated in the desert

The new BMW X5 drove along the Monza track recreated in the desert

November 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Italian brand office made a copy of the track in 1: 1 scale

As part of an advertising campaign preceding the market launch of the new BMW X5 in Italy, the local brand’s office has recreated the legendary Monza highway in the sands of the Moroccan desert. A copy of the track at a scale of 1: 1 was built near the village of Merzouga for two weeks.

A team of 50 engineers, technicians and pilots accurately recreated every turn, as well as a direct historical route. To lay the profile had to move more than 3,500 cubic meters of sand. It took four bulldozers and four trucks.

The project is organized in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the xOffroad crossover. It allows you to switch the modes of operation of electronics between four programs: for movement on sand, stones, gravel and snow.

BMW X5 debuted in new generation in June. The crossover is built on a modular CLAR platform, like the last BMW 7 Series. The equipment of the model included air suspension on the front and rear axles, a fully-controlled chassis and an active rear stabilizer.

Off-road set xOffroad X5 appeared for the first time. Choosing the desired driving mode, the crossover changes the settings of the box, all-wheel drive, the stabilization system, the height of the ride height and the responses to the accelerator pedal.