The new BMW M3 with a 500-horsepower engine will be released in 2020

The new BMW M3 with a 500-horsepower engine will be released in 2020

March 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Charged sedan can get many new technologies for a three-liter engine.

Photo-spyware noticed on the legendary Nürburgring track a camouflaged test prototype of the future generation of the BMW M3, code-named G80. Along with this, new leaks of information about the novelty have appeared. The photos were at the disposal of the publication Motor1.

The new generation of BMW M3 we should expect in 2020. Meanwhile, the engineers of the Bavarian company have time to adjust the power unit and the chassis of the future novelty.

On the test specimen through the camouflage it was possible to evaluate some features. It clearly used headlights and taillights from the current generation of the 3 Series. However, this is practiced by automakers. This only indicates that these components are still in development.

Up to this point, photo-spies have already submitted many pictures of camouflaged prototypes of the future BMW 3 Series. It is known that the next generation will receive approximately the same proportions of the body. It is expected that it will become a little wider, the length of the wheelbase will increase. Also on the test specimen M3, the final configuration of the exhaust system is not visible. The tips of the silencer pipes are simply missing.

According to rumors, under the hood M3 G80 will again three-liter in-line six-cylinder engine with a turbo. Its power is about 500 horsepower. In the standard modification, the torque will be transmitted to the rear wheels. However, the version with the all-wheel drive xDrive will also be released.

The M3 sedan will still be integrated constructively with the M4 coupe and cabriolet. All three should receive a water injection system, like the M4 GTS current generation, as well as a soft hybrid system (48-volt starter-generator). It is expected that engineers can use an additional electrically powered turbine for the motor to provide high torque at low revs and get rid of the turbojammer.

Before the appearance of the new BMW M3, we are expecting the premiere of the BMW 3 Series G20 sedan this fall. In 2019, he will be joined by a station wagon in the body of the G21, and in 2020 – a coupe (G22) and a convertible (G23) 4 Series.