The new Audi RS Q8 was caught from the river

The new Audi RS Q8 was caught from the river

January 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the Netherlands, an unusual accident occurred: for an unknown reason, the driver drove into the reservoir on his new Audi RS Q8 worth 250 thousand euros. Later it turned out that the car was registered only on January 4, so that the motorist drove a crossover for less than a month.

A crossover caught in a river near the Dutch Roijveik is far from the most budget version of the model. According to the local portal, its cost, along with options, including 23-inch wheels and a black radiator grille, is 248,901 euros, while the price tag of the base RS Q8 is 200 thousand euros.

The process of catching a car from water is captured in detail in the photographs. A tow truck arrived, and the process of lifting a car from the bottom took three hours. How the expensive crossover ended up in the river is not reported, but it is known that the driver is safe and sound – he managed to get out of the sinking car.

RS Q8 – the most powerful crossover in the line of the German brand. It is equipped with a four-liter V8 engine with a capacity of 600 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque (a similar engine is also installed on the Lamborghini Urus).

The car picks up the first 100 kph in 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is 305 kilometers per hour. It can be assumed that the driver of this Audi RS Q8 did not cope with the management of a powerful crossover and therefore ended up in the river.