The new Audi A8 will be a virtual instrument panel

The new Audi A8 will be a virtual instrument panel

September 1, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Everything indicates that the new Audi A8 will be the first model in which the company has brought its technology of virtual instrument panel on the market readiness.

In previewing the virtual instrument panel on the Audi E-Tron Quattro Concept, it replaced most of the physical buttons and knobs on the three digital display, responsible for all vehicle operations.

The largest of the three display is a 14.1-inch display, which acts as a dashboard. This curved monitor attached to the two touch screens in the center console, the top of which there is a navigation and infotainment system, and the lower screen provides text input, and air conditioning control.

One of the key features of the Audi’s virtual dashboard is that its touch screens using tactile feedback, which means that the operator can feel when he really turned on the function, rather than aimlessly touching the screen, because the sensor does not provide feedback.

According to rumors, debut of system is expected in 2017 with the new A8, the first model from the company’s virtual instrument panel.