The new Audi A1 will have a 200-hp version

The new Audi A1 will have a 200-hp version

June 17, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The German manufacturer continues to warm up interest in the future novelty within the teaser campaign.

The company has published another animated teaser, the focus in which is given to a spinning football in one place. Only in the background there is a vague silhouette of the small hatch Audi A1 in the body of yellow color.

The last teaser has at least some kind of informative signature. It says that the next-generation A1 will have a new suspension and a 200-horsepower top-end version. The manufacturer states that “the completely new Audi A1 has the potential to become the world champion in its segment”.

Recall that in the previous teaser Audi showed a piece of the exterior of the car, most likely, there was just presented the sport version of the hatchback. This assumption can be made, because the car on the photo has a large wheel with a design in a sporty style and a red brake caliper.

In the first teaser we were shown part of the salon, or rather the central console with a large screen of a multimedia system, on which the word Barcelona was written. Teaser may hint at the ability of the system to recognize such commands, or to the premiere of the model, and, possibly, to both options.

Note, the release of the current A1 is set up in Belgian Brussels, but new generation cars will be assembled in the Spanish Martorell. It is also assumed that, having replaced the generation, A1 will lose its three-door modification. The hatch will most likely have an extensive program for personalizing the exterior and interior.

Affairs in the European market for Audi A1 are not bad and, probably, they will improve after the release of the new version. In 2017, 84,070 units were sold, while in January-April 2018 the sales volume was already 26,870 cars. For comparison, in Kia Picanto these figures are 62,161 and 25,366 pieces, while Peugeot 108 has 55,831 and 21,341 units, respectively.

The latest novelty of Audi is the completely new coupe-like crossover Q8.