The network unveiled future Ford Focus RS

The network unveiled future Ford Focus RS

October 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Ford has just recently unveiled the fourth generation Focus, but experts are confident that something is missing from the current lineup. The most powerful Ford Focus now is ST-Line, and next year the ST will appear. However, independent designers presented the future of the Focus RS.

The network has a render image of a possible sports version of the new Ford Focus RS. But now the most powerful version of the fourth generation Focus is the ST-Line. Next year, a full-fledged ST will be presented as a model for 2020. However, this RS we will wait for a very long time. Usually, Ford releases the most charged versions only at the end of the model’s life cycle. Therefore, we first wait for the restyling, and only then RS.

However, independent designers decided not to wait, and showed their own vision of the future sports hatch. So, judging by the images, the car will receive new black alloy wheels, a rear diffuser, a bifurcated exhaust system, as well as a spoiler over the fifth door. The rest of the model does not change, at least, the front part was not shown to us. Probably there will be updated bumper and grille.

No less important updates will be a forced motor, up to about 400 horsepower. For the future car competitors will be Audi RS3 and Mercedes-AMG A45. And they have already proved that going beyond 400 horses is no longer unusual for the compact hatchback segment.

It is assumed that the future Focus RS will become a hybrid, but the details are not yet known. However, we hope Ford will keep its philosophy and find a compromise between price and manufacturability, leaving the model available to a wide audience.

Also note in connection with the trade war between Trump and China, the American and European automakers are suffering the most damage. And the Ford company is not an exception, and incurs large losses. Now it is expected the reorganization of business in the United States, as well as a huge number of laid-off Americans.