The network showed truck tractors from supercar manufacturers

The network showed truck tractors from supercar manufacturers

September 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

FleetLogging’s designers have shared sketches that show how long-haul trucks would look if they were developed by manufacturers of popular supercars.

Each of the sketches depicts a tractor with a semi-trailer, the design of which is in the style of a particular brand. At the same time, the trucks in the illustrations have large wheels with low-profile tires, and the semi-trailers have a parallelepiped shape.

The most exotic trailers have received trucks from Pagani, Mclaren and W Motors – an Arab company known primarily for its Lykan Hypersport hypercar.

Trunk tractors have also been created for the brands Ferrari (based on the Portofino model), Lamborghini (based on the Urus), Koenigsegg (based on the Agera look) and Aston Martin (inspired by the DB11). But all of the trucks that the artists have drawn look more like the Tesla Semi concept – an electric towing vehicle shown in 2017.

Among the brands chosen by the designers for the experiment, there is no one of the most famous manufacturers of hypercars – Bugatti.

In addition, a 16-ton Volta Zero electric truck with a glass cockpit was recently demonstrated. It should be emphasized that the production of the model should start in 2022, and it should be produced at an enterprise in the UK.