The network showed the world’s only BMW M3 with a Ferrari engine

The network showed the world’s only BMW M3 with a Ferrari engine

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The refinement of this model could not be more unexpected: the BMW M3 received an Italian V8 engine and even paired with a manual transmission.

When BMW decided to fit a large V8 under the hood of the E92 M3 in 2007, not everyone liked the idea. In the end, it broke the long tradition of in-line six-cylinder engines powering one of the most respected BMWs. Most critics, however, fell silent when they heard the great growl of the S65 V8.

But this story is not about a BMW V8, but a Ferrari-Maserati V8, because the owner of a BMW M3 Convertible decided that his car needed a V8 engine from Italy, not Germany. The reasons for this are unclear, and this replacement is certainly among the strangest engine replacements imaginable, but one glance at this M3 is enough to understand the owner.

Outside, this custom M3 – a project that has been in the works for three years – has a noticeably extended Pandem body kit, tinted headlights, massive 19-inch black wheels, and a spoiler that’s hard to miss. It is equipped with self-leveling air suspension and a 6-speed manual transmission, which makes driving even more enjoyable. This is a really interesting move considering Ferrari has dropped the manual transmission in all of its offerings. explains that the V8 uses a transverse crankshaft configuration, giving it a sound that is unique to Ferrari models that use a flat crank mechanism. During development, the designers of this one-off M3 are looking to use separate throttle valves and add twin turbochargers in the future.

The turbines should help the engine develop the over 300 horsepower it is currently tuned for. The final target is around 335 hp. When the car is fully assembled, it should “become a real monster,” but just listening to that V8 “roar” under the hood of the M3 is a pleasure in itself. Inside, the custom M3 has a (partially) M3 CSL steering wheel and special racing seats.

We previously thought that the BMW M3 E46 engine in the first-generation X3 SUV was a rather odd engine replacement, but at least that engine and body “came from the same stable.” On the other hand, the Ferrari-powered M3 is unlike anything else and at least deserves top marks for originality.